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Polymer Clay Tools

Clay Discs Sets, and Acrylic Rods

Have you found yourself drawn to the artistic possibilities of polymer clay? As you may have discovered, it’s a wonderful medium that can be used to create an endless number of products.

We’ve been crafting with polymer clay for many years and have found that it’s the perfect material in so many ways! We hope that you agree, and that you will find these tools and resources that we’ve developed for artists like you to be of great use.

Quilted in Clay Discs Sets

*16-Disc Set CD-1 - $20.00  
Clay Disc Set #1 - to fit Kemper Klay and Sculpey Clay Guns • 3/8" Square
• 3/16" 120-Degree Triangle
• 3/16" Equilateral Triangle
• 3/16" Hexagon
• 1/4" Round-Outside
• 3/8" 90-Degree Triangle
• 1/4" Round x 3/8" Square
• 3/16" Trapezoid-Half Hexagon
• 1/4" 90-Degree Triangle
• 1/4"x 1/2" 90-Degree Triangle
• 1/4" 45-Degree Rhumbus-Diamond
• 1/4" 45-Degree Triangle
• 1/4" Equilateral Triangle
• 1/4" x .060"x3/8" Trapezoid
• 1/4" 60-Degree Rhombus-Diamond
• 1/4" Square
Note: *Clay gun is not included. Clay gun can be found at retail stores carrying polymer clay. Order 16-Disc Set CD-1 Now!

The templates in the Quilted in Clay Disc Set CD-1 are 23/32 diameter and will fit most of the clay extruders currently on the market, including the Makin's brand, the Walnut Hollow brand and the Czextruder clay Guns. This newest rendition of disks is now made using 20guage stainless steel, they still won't warp or bend even when extruding the stiffest clay. Now that they are stainless steel they can also be use with food, and metal clays.

We make the process of extruding clay in different shapes much, much easier and they will fit together to create a multitude of quilt and other designs!


*16-Disc Set CD-3 - $20.00 The complete package includes the following discs.
Clay Disc Set #3 - to fit Makins Ultimate Clay Extruder • Center Curve
• Quarter Curve
• Triangle with Inside Curves
• 3/16" x 3/8" Bullet
• 3/16" 60-Degree Diamond
• Cat's Nose!
• Corner Wedge
• 3/16" 60-Degree Triangle
• Apple Core
• Shell
• 3/16" Square
• 3/16" 90-Degree Triangle
• 1/4" Pentagon
• 1/4" 60-Degree Triangle
• 1/4" 120-Degree Curve
• 1/4" Star
Note: *Clay gun is not included. Clay gun can be found at retail stores carrying polymer clay. Order 16-Disc Set CD-3 Now!

The 16-templates in the Quilted in Clay Disc Set CD- 3 are sized to fit the Makins Ultimate Clay Extruder and other extruder's that are 3/4" in diameter. This set will NOT fit the Kemper Klay or Sculpey Clay Guns.

Again they fit together to create a multitude of quilt designs, Specifically quilts such as the Double Wedding ring, Cathedral Windows, Apple Core, Shell, and large and small Stars. You can also combine them with The first Quilted in Clay discs to create an unlimited number of quilt designs! I have also included a tutorial for Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, to help you get started.


4-Disc Set CD-4 - $8
4-Disc Set Polymer Clay Extrusion DiscsCD-4

• 1/4" x 1/2" Isosceles Triangle
• 3/8" Round-Outside
• 3/8" Round-Inside
• 1/4" Round-Inside

Individual disks are available for $2.00 each, contact us via email to order.

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